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TXT: 614-468-3463
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We are easy to reach, and we respond promptly.  Plus we’re online much of the day, and reachable by instant messenger.

When using e-mail, note that some legitimate email may end up in your spam/bulk folder.  So if you emailed us and think we didn’t reply, please check your spam folder.
Glowin' In The Dark by Jay Simons; Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contacting Us
By far, text & eMail are the best ways to contact 3-Wheel Drive.
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Visit our friends at, an online listing of Ohio bands.
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tHave Music, Will Travel!    We have the ambition and ability  to visit your town and make your party fun!

3-Wheel Drive is a Columbus party band available for engagements in Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), Indiana (IN), and Michigan (MI).
TXT is best:
Find good sites at Gimpsy