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What do I need to provide for the band?
A. We usually carry our own production equipment (sound and light systems), so all you need to provide is adequate space, electricity (usually two circuits), and optionally a stage or riser.  If arranged in advance, we can also supply portable power.  If your event is a long one that starts in the early evening and goes late into the night, we may ask you to provide dinner.

Q. Do you always play the same show?
A. No, hardly ever!  We play a wide variety of music and custom-design the play list for your event or venue. Often, we'll add a special song for your event - especially if it fits the music styles we play.

Q. What will you wear?
A. 3-Wheel Drive always dresses appropriately for the event.  We will work this out with you ahead of your engagement.

Q. How do I book 3-Wheel Drive?
A. It's really easy.  You describe your event; we write a very simple agreement that describes what you want.  (We use this agreement to remind us what to do when your date arrives.)  You review and return the signed agreement with a deposit to us.  We confirm your date.  If you want, we can do all of this electronically or we can use snail mail.

Q. Can you also DJ and emcee my event?
A. Yes.  We are happy to work out your itinerary in advance and meet with you to go over the details.  We can spin your music or ours during breaks.

Q. Can you provide a microphone for my guests and me?
A. Yes, we carry a wireless microphone with us.

Q. I'm a corporate client.  Can you meet my purchasing department's requirements?
A. Yes, most likely.  We are registered as a dba in the State of Ohio and have an EIN, so we can easily give you a W-9.  We can also give you a certificate of insurance if your venue wants one.

Q. Can you play longer than what I originally said in the contract?
A. Yes, we include the cost for each additional hour in our agreement.  There will be no surprises if you choose to extend the time.

Q. How much does it cost to hire 3-Wheel Drive?
A. Depends on the size of event, distance, date, and time.

Q. Do you get the guests/audience involved?
A. Yes.  We have many audience participation numbers in our repertoire.

Q. Do you charge a travel fee?
A. All travel costs are usually included in our quote, unless you want to make special arrangements.

Q. What if you're already booked on my date?
A. Contact us anyway.  We can often reschedule bar gigs given enough lead-time.

Q. I canceled my event; can I get my deposit back?
A. No.  Please understand that we probably turned down other engagements for your date.  The deposit guarantees your date.  Some bands charge you their full fee if you cancel your date.  We don't, but we will keep your deposit.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Cash, checks and credit card payments through PayPal.  We can't accept credit card payments on location, so a balance PayPal payment must be done in advance of the event.

Q. Are you prepared for equipment failure?
A. Yes!  The equipment we use is top brand with proven reliability, but just in case, we carry redundant instruments, and sound gear.  Over the years of gigging, equipment failure delayed us only a couple times, and never by more than just a few minutes.

Q. Can you work with a house sound system or production company?
A. Yes, and we make it very easy for you.  We will provide a "direct-out" for each of our on-stage channels.  Usually we will also provide all microphones, stands, and monitors for the band.  Just put us in touch with your sound man and we'll work out the details.

Q. Can you work with a talent agency?
A. Yes.  Please contact us.