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Band Videos
Welcome to our our new project.. online videos. We're kicking this off with our St. Patrick's Day party at the Blarney Stone. Every so often, we'll try to publish a new video from one of our gigs. All of the videos are organized by date in the frame below. Just surf to the gig you want to see, and when you get there, the video player will start automatically and you'll be able to select a clip.

The folders are organized first by year, then by month, and finally by a specific date/venue. To surf, just click the folder you want to visit.

If you like the videos, please let us and all your friends know. If you don't... well, let's just keep that our little secret.

Our Travel Area
3-Wheel Drive aims to be the best regional party band.   Our travel area includes Ohio and the surrounding states.  Major cities in our region include: Newark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lexington, Lousiville, Charleston, Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Parkersburg, Lancaster, Zanesville, Akron, Canton, & Muncie.
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Want to chat about your party plans?  With 3WD it's easy.  3WD is usually online and can answer instant messages from most networks.  Here's how to IM this party band: